Greetings. I am Dr. Adrienne, an accomplished international expert within the strategic leadership, medical innovation, disease surveillance, M&E, and digital health domains. I have led initiatives for health systems implementations, emergency response, & policies globally. I’ve also won awards while gaining expertise in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, & the U.S.A. (with sixteen years of contributions to my Dear Mother Africa). Gig-wise, I’ve worked for top Fortune 100 corporations, the U.S. federal government as both a diplomat & contractor, and in the NGO sectors. I am also a consultant & acknowledged expert for several international agencies & clinical initiatives. In addition, I’ve also provided scientific & technical writing & editing to medical establishments worldwide for well over a decade. I am also a best-selling author.

Fun fact: Amongst other honors, there is an entire half-wall feature at the Google HQ in California honoring me for my global health & tech contributions as a Google Tech Hall of Fame recipient.

Contact: You may also visit my LinkedIn or Linktree.

Best-Selling Books

My 1st book, He Called Me Tin, will inspire you as I share accounts from 12+ countries during my global travels. My journey was in the face of adversity, as a woman of color, scientist, innovator, & humanitarian with a strong foundation of ethics…along with one very special nickname: Tin.

Meanwhile, just in time to manifest and improve for the new decade, my 2nd book, It’s Called 24, shares practical & proven time management guidance for daily living or other means of social acumen.  We all get the same twenty-four hours each day!


And, my 3rd book, We Love Growing Up in Africa (honoring our amazing sons), commences my new bilingual young citizens series! The Call It Super…because collection has been developed for children to appreciate the world and have confidence in who they are. Isra & Naum enjoy traveling around the world & living in Africa! Come along as they explore the continent and immerse in their native history & culture.

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