My 1st book, He Called Me Tin, will inspire you as I share accounts from 12+ countries during my global travels. I embraced motivation & courage. My journey was in the face of adversity, as a woman of color, scientist, innovator, artist, & humanitarian with a strong foundation of ethics...and I owe so much of my visions & success to one very special nickname: Tin..

And, just in time to manifest and improve for the new decade (based on the #1 question asked of me), my 2nd book, It’s Called 24, shares practical & proven time management guidance that is non-forgiving. Whether for daily living, one’s career, parenting, achieving goals, sportsmanship, or other means of social acumen, we all get the same twenty-four hours each day! Habitually manifest the abundance & success you have been hoping for. I also truly hope you enjoy my best-selling memoir.