Global Health Informaticist, Telemedicine Board Director, Scientific Editor & Writer


I am Dr. Adrienne, an accomplished international expert within the leadership, digital health, IT, & medical innovation domains. I’ve led initiatives for disease surveillance, clinical systems, & health policy globally. I’ve also won awards while saving lives in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, & the U.S.A. as a scientist & expert in strategies for medical technologies.

Global Engagement

I’ve worked in top Fortune 100 corporations, at the federal government, and with NGO sectors worldwide. I am currently aligned with several international development agencies & medical establishments through contracts. I also provide services through my firms: Cultivatics, Inc.® and perDraft


Best-Selling Books

He Called Me Tin

It’s Called 24

We Love Growing Up in Africa (English, Swahili, & French)


Fun Facts

Amongst other honors, there is an entire half-wall feature at the Google HQ in California honoring me for my global technology contributions as a Google Tech Hall of Fame recipient.

Also, my first gig (at 13 years old) was as a greeter for the 1996 Olympic Games.


Whether it be for consultancies, speaking opportunities, advisory and board advisements, or advocacy, I do appreciate your interests: